Swedish Massage – De-stress, Relax, Rejuvenate Your Body: 
Hot stone back and neck – R200
Hot stone back of body – R300
Hot stone full body – R450

Intense Deep Tissue Work:
Hot stone sport massage with cupping – R450

Release, Forgive, Love Massage:
Kahuna massage / Hawaiian lomi lomi deep tissue – R500

One Day Extreme Detox:
Swedish repair massage, Reiki and Kahuna massage – R1500

Mom & Baby Massage:
Pregnancy massage: intuitively linking the two and relaxing the body, to reduce swelling – R420

Couples Massage:
Teach your partner to massage you, promoting intimacy and love – R450

Reiki with Crystals and Sound Healing:
To balance your chakras, reduce stress, heal the inner child, balance female and male energies – R320

Distance Healing Program
7 x sessions from anywhere in the world – 1hr of set relaxation time required
R150 per day

House or Office Clearing
Clearing of space/negative energy; boosting vibration to abundance – R400 

Assisting Pregnancy

A Journey of creation; boosting aura with Reiki to bring forth new life – R500 

Crossing Over

Do you have a loved one whose struggling and suffering? Assisting with healing and letting go into the Spiritual realm – 7 days x R200