What is Psychotherapy/ Counselling? 

Psychotherapy covers the basic nature of being human.
Love, hate, birth, death, sexuality, power and the vast complexities which sway the hearts of men and women.

What is the vision of Counselling or Coaching as a Life coach?

Every human being is of value and that it is important that every individual should be able to develop his own personality in an unrestricted and complete way. To be Free!

How does this influence being human?

Chemistry influences how people think and what people think, influences how we are. How we think, so we are.

What can be addressed in a session?

Every aspect of being human.
Anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, changing you, growth.
Being more positive in your life.
Achieving goals. Staying focused in the now.
Grief. Divorce. Trauma. Fear.  Sadness.
Birth. Abuse. Sexual abuse.

Want to book a session?
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